100+ Event Series
Urban Revitalization: 
Lessons from the Canadian Experience

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Canada's dedication to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is evident in its groundbreaking urban initiatives. The "100+ Canada's Profile on Urban SDGs" program's inaugural session, "Urban Revitalization: Lessons from the Canadian Experience," offered a glimpse into the nation's innovative spirit. Organized by the World Urban Pavilion in Regent Park - Powered by Daniels, this event spotlighted Canada's urban revitalization endeavors, charting a course toward vibrant, resilient, and sustainable communities.

Launched on June 12, this session magnified Canada's capacity to transform urban landscapes, reimagining once-neglected spaces into thriving, inclusive neighborhoods. The event underscored the importance of community empowerment and strategic planning in shaping urban environments that reflect the aspirations of their residents.

Showcasing Transformative Initiatives:

East Village Master Plan - Led by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, exemplifies a visionary urban transformation. Established in 2009, this framework harnessed the essence of liveable urban spaces, nurturing a vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhood. Rooted in the principles of flexibility and innovation, this initiative fosters a dynamic dialogue among stakeholders, envisioning a community that resonates with its heritage and thrives through investment and development.

Regent Park Revitalization - Driven by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation, the Regent Park Revitalization embodies a monumental shift. Spanning five phases since 2005, this endeavor revitalized a once underserved and unsafe community. Collaborative efforts between TCHC and The Daniels Corporation introduced new housing and vibrant amenities, breathing new life into Regent Park, crafting a neighborhood rich in opportunity and connectivity.

LeBreton Flats Master Concept Plan - Presented by the National Capital Commission, envisions Ottawa's core anew. Encompassing sustainability and inclusivity, this plan aspires to create a vibrant national and local community. By emphasizing active transportation and compact urban design, LeBreton Flats emerges as a dynamic hub, reflecting Canada's commitment to a sustainable and complete urban landscape.

Mount Pleasant Community - A product of the City of Brampton, epitomizes innovative urban expansion. Embracing sustainability and community engagement, this community has materialized into a dynamic urban center. Designed to cater to diverse income groups and ages, this project exemplifies an equitable and resilient urban future.

Toronto Green Development Standard - Presented by City of Toronto, addresses the interplay of urban development and climate crises. As the city anticipates rapid growth and urban challenges, this initiative ensures environmentally sustainable and resilient construction. Anchored in the nexus of housing, urban development, and climate emergencies, the standard aligns with Toronto's commitment to a green and sustainable future.

The inaugural session of the "100+ Canada's Profile on Urban SDGs" program resonates as a testament to Canada's urban innovation and commitment to SDGs. These transformative initiatives, spanning East Village's adaptability, Regent Park's revitalization, LeBreton Flats' inclusivity, Mount Pleasant's expansion, and Toronto's green standards, offer a glimpse into Canada's urban metamorphosis. As the program unfolds, these initiatives will continue to inspire global urban revitalization efforts, reinforcing Canada's role as a catalyst for resilient, inclusive, and sustainable communities. Through visionary leadership and community-driven initiatives, Canada shapes urban futures where people and places thrive in harmony.


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