100+ Event Series
Rethinking Urban Systems

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Canada's resolute commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is reflected in its innovative urban initiatives. The "100+ Canada's Profile on Urban SDGs" program has been an illuminating journey, shedding light on how the nation is redesigning urban systems to enhance economic and social outcomes. In another impactful session of the "Made in Canada Urban Innovation and Transformation" event series, Canadian organizations presented groundbreaking solutions that are reimagining urban paradigms.

Exploring Gaps and Rethinking Urban Models: This session delved into the gaps within current urban systems and showcased how Canadian organizations are revolutionizing urban models to create positive economic and social impact. By identifying areas for improvement and leveraging innovative approaches, Canada is shaping a more sustainable and equitable urban future.

Showcasing 'Made in Canada' Urban Innovations and Transformations:

City-Data Ontologies, Models and Impact Standards to Achieve SDG 11: The Urban Data Centre at the School of Cities, University of Toronto is leading the charge in utilizing city data to achieve SDG 11 through its advanced ontologies, models, and impact standards. By employing the Urban Monitoring Framework and the Pavilion's Analytical Framework, this initiative aims to enhance urban living conditions and foster sustainable communities.

The Compass Project – Transforming the Social Safety Net: Empowering individuals and communities, HelpSeeker Technologies is driving transformative change through "The Compass Project." By harnessing technology, this initiative offers a new dimension to the social safety net, ensuring access to essential services and support systems for vulnerable populations.

Scaling Down: Creating Walkable, Sittable, and Strollable Transit-Oriented Communities: Smart Density is pioneering the concept of walkable, sittable, and strollable transit-oriented communities. By encouraging urban designs that prioritize pedestrian-friendly spaces and efficient transit systems, this initiative transforms the urban landscape and promotes sustainable lifestyles.

Sparrow Living: Sparrow Living Inc. is revolutionizing urban living through innovative housing solutions. By better utilizing existing housing space, Sparrow Living's homesharing initiative addresses the pressing issue of housing supply. The concept is simple yet transformative: by unlocking a portion of Canada's 12 million empty bedrooms for homesharing, urban centers can rapidly increase housing availability and add much-needed gentle density.

The "100+ Canada's Profile on Urban SDGs" program continues to unveil Canada's dedication to reimagining urban landscapes through innovative solutions. By addressing gaps in current urban systems and embracing groundbreaking models, Canada is forging a path toward a more sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous urban future. The showcased initiatives, such as the Urban Data Centre's data-driven approach, HelpSeeker Technologies' transformative social safety net, Smart Density's transit-oriented communities, and Sparrow Living's innovative housing solutions, exemplify the nation's commitment to SDGs. As Canada continues to lead the way in urban innovation and transformation, it sets an inspiring example for the global community, demonstrating that impactful change begins at the heart of our cities.

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