100+ Event Series
Building Local Capacities
for Community Success

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Many Canadian organisations are paving the way for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which has been a driving force behind innovative urban initiatives. The "100+ Canada's Profile on Urban SDGs" program has been an enlightening journey, spotlighting how the nation is fostering community empowerment to drive economic and social progress. In a recent session of the "Made in Canada Urban Innovation and Transformation" event series, Canadian organizations presented inspiring solutions aimed at building local capacities and paving the way for community success.

This session delved into the vital aspect of building local capacities as a means to empower communities and enhance their economic and social outcomes. By investing resources and support into neighborhoods, Canada is fostering the growth and resilience of communities, ultimately contributing to the broader urban sustainability agenda.

Showcasing 'Made in Canada' Initiatives for Community Success:

Transitioning into New Mobility: Future Curb Space Design: The University of British Columbia is at the forefront of reimagining urban mobility through the "Transitioning into New Mobility" initiative. Through speculative design, this project envisions the curb space—a traditional domain of on-street parking—as a valuable public space and virtual real estate. By leveraging innovative technologies, this initiative contributes to creating a more sustainable and interconnected urban mobility network.

Vancity Affordable Housing Accelerator Program: Unlocking Land and Capital Community-Owned: The Vancity Community Foundation is driving the advancement of housing security and community well-being through the Affordable Housing Accelerator Program. By investing in non-profits, cooperatives, and Indigenous organizations, this initiative supports the early stages of affordable housing development, enhancing the capacity of community-based organizations and promoting climate-ready, equitable housing solutions.

Northlands Dënesųłiné First Nation Renewable Energy & Remediation: The Northlands Dënesųłiné First Nation is innovating in sustainable energy solutions and environmental stewardship. Through a comprehensive approach that includes in-situ remediation, biomass-based district energy heating, solar arrays, geothermal systems, and community-owned energy utilities, this initiative marks a transformative step towards ending diesel dependency and promoting renewable energy adoption.

Community.Design.Initiative: The East Scarborough Store Front, a project of MakeWay Charitable Society, spearheaded the Community.Design.Initiative in collaboration with archiTEXT and Sustainable.TO. Engaging youth with architecture in the Kingston Galloway Orton Park (KGO) neighborhood, this initiative facilitated the design of an 8000 sq. ft. addition to the East Scarborough Store Front. Through a dynamic partnership, this project exemplifies community engagement and capacity-building in urban design.

Canada's commitment to empowering communities through innovative initiatives underscores the nation's dedication to sustainable urban development. These 'made in Canada' initiatives exemplify the power of collaborative efforts in shaping a more resilient, equitable, and prosperous urban future. As the "100+ Canada's Profile on Urban SDGs" program continues to illuminate the path forward, Canada's pioneering spirit serves as an inspiration for community empowerment and progress on the global stage.




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