World Urban Pavilion Impact Report 2022 - 2023

This has been a year of realizations

Click here to read the impact report for the year 2022 - 2023. The Pavilion engaged in numerous partnerships, programs, activities, and events focused on building the Pavilion's capacity in 3 areas: knowledge, innovations, and urban transformation.

Chapter 1

In 2022/2023, the World Urban Pavilion advanced its objective of becoming a knowledge-based organization by using data and scientific information to guide and inform public policies. Pushing knowledge frontier with analytical and technical advisory services, the Pavilion has facilitated cross-sectoral partnerships, to advance in innovative and transformative solutions for the urban sustainable agenda. The numbers to characterize success are self-evident: more than 15 partnership agreements with 70 collaborators, active collaboration with numerous universities, organization of 3 in-house exhibitions, interaction with more than 1,000 cities from 7 regions of the globe through events, programming and networking. The Pavilion has structured three components to deliver its mandate as a knowledge hub

  • Generation of Knowledge Exchange
  • Supporting City-to-City & Community Learning
  • Capacity Building

Key Activities:

Key Outcomes:

  • Creation of the Virtual Pavilion with Harvard University
  • Delivery of 4 exhibitions on major issues facing urban centers
  • Collaboration with Oxford University to prepare international guidelines on the "Sustainable Bill of Rights”
  • “Made in Canada” initiative hosting 5 virtual exhibitions

A Global Hub for Knowledge Exchange

Chapter 2

The Pavilion has advanced in its objective of becoming a creative and innovative platform to promote sustainable urban development by proposing transformative solutions for positive urban change. It serves as a knowledge and innovation hub that through strategic alliances, networking and capacity building creates innovative solutions to support urban trans- formations.

  • Canada: Frontrunner of Urban SDGs
  • Expanding International Networks
  • Promotion of Pilot Projects

Key Activities:

Key Outcomes:

  • Creation of the Canada frontrunner of urban SDG program’, which aims to identify, systematize, and disseminate best practices and innovative solutions that Canada and the city of Toronto are creating to advance on the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Organization with the G7 of an inter-ministerial conference to exchange ideas and resources 
  • Contributed to sustainable development through the development of global discourse, projects, programs, and operational pilots

A Creative and Innovative Platform

Chapter 3

The Pavilion has strengthened its capacities to support cities and communities to localize and implement global agendas and respond to the various challenges that cities are facing with regards to poverty, growing inequalities, devastating effects from climate change, and health threats. It has instigated global dialogue and work with partners to prepare innovative and transformative solutions, encourage more investments and partnerships.The Pavilion has structured three components to reinforce its capacities to advance the urban sustainable agenda

  • Facilitating global dialogue and multidisciplinary partnerships
  • Consolidating Urban Innovations and Transformations
  • Implementing Applied Solutions to Localize the SDGs

Key Activities:

Key Outcomes:

An Agent to Advance the Sustainability Agenda

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