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Brent Cross Town is a creative, transit-oriented, park town in North London, UK. Lead by Buro Happold, Barnet Council, University of Manchester, and Related Argent Brent Cross Town is exploring the opportunities and potential to reimagine the community. The session also examined how urban data and assessment, through the Flourishing Index, can help to support the strategic planning, learning, and success of the community.



Thematic Areas

The World Urban Pavilion's Global Knowledge Exchange Hub is a platform for innovative and transformative policies, programs, actions happening across the world. This one-stop-shop collects both positive and negative experiences to support city-to-city learning by sharing real world examples. As the knowledge hub continues to develop overtime, its products and services will continue to be refined and updated to meet help governments, cities, and communities address urban challenges.


Urban initiatives that are addressing safety, peace, health, and security. Working towards improving equity and inclusiveness with appropriate social safety mechanisms in place. Society is resilient and thriving. The city and community is planning for their future. 


Economy is fair and people-orientated. The economy creates and has opportunities for all. Economies are stable and are working towards efficient use of resources, limiting waste and harmful byproducts, and innovating in new areas. .


Healthy and well-managed environment. The environment is enjoyable by all with conditions that are favourable and adaptable. It is self sustaining.


Valued, empowered, and optimally utilized culture. It is open and accommodating culture. Adaptable and versatile that has positive impact on the other domains.

Governance and Implementation

Free, fair and transparent governance. All inclusive and non-discriminatory. Self sustaining and adaptable that is also steady and progressive.

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